Summer is Delicious in Olalla

Dear Friends of Earnest Efforts -

Large moth I found at the Tenmile Post Office
I've been wanting to share these pics of the this moth for ages.  I had a small epiphany the other day while working on this post in my head.  We have moths that live in the Sawdust Cathedral (among other startling creatures) and I want to honor their presence in our lives by sharing them with you here.  So, be prepared to see a regular parade of moth images here.  They are quite spectacular!

Gourd flower in our garden

They smell like cucumber

Cut and glued drawers with spirit shakers in the background

California Redwood box in the making

Preparing to glue box lids

Ellie's barrettes in various stages

Oregon-myrtlewood slab with roots


Miscellaneous brown moth (not especially pretty)

A very good deal on new old sanding equipment.  Hurrah!

Dead but still beautiful

Our hens love heights & giant zucchini

Bear's Breeches acanthus

Earnie & Baby Pearl

Baby Pete LOVES the hens

Earnie & our dear friend Jen celebrating a weekend of her beloved Timmy gone one year now...

Baby skunk cruising for yellow jacket nests

Earnie's garden

Myrtle in the Coquille River (she really doesn't like to get wet)

I think these pics do a fine job of portraying our last month of life as Earnie, Ellie & Myrtle Jo Efforts.  There are moments when we stop and inhale, taste or feel the breath of our amazing lives together.  It is delicious and momentous and we are filled with gratitude.  Thank you kindly for visiting us here, in this place and we wish for you the same delicious life.

Take care, be good & kind, and do your darndest to laugh (I've been misquoting Earnie all these years),
Ellie Efforts

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  1. Love that piece of myrtlewood! The moths are amazing. I didn't know that Myrtle Jo liked water. Love you :-)