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Earnest Efforts natural wood teething rattles

For Small Hands

For Happy Teething

We have officially been handcrafting our natural wood teething rattles since 1999, and are now bringing happy teething to a second generation of customers.  We believe that you will find them to be an essential product in your shop just as over 100 other independent shops have discovered.  The following information will tell you all about our teething rattles and wholesale information.

Meeting Federal Safety Requirements:

Conform to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) rules and tested annually for safety.  Children’s Product Certificate (CPC) available at the bottom of this page.

Handcrafted Using:

Sustainably harvested maple, cherry, madrone, and myrtle.  Woods that will NOT splinter

Copper bbs

Certified ASTM D-4236 non-toxic wood glue

Beeswax Finish

Label with our name and wood variety on the front, date made on the back, and materials used on the inside.  Every rattle must be sold with the name Earnest Efforts and our label intact.

Maple Teething Rattle

Cherry Teething Rattle

Madrone Teething Rattle

Myrtle Teething Rattle

Spirit Shakers:
Also available at the same price and handcrafted with the same materials are our Spirit Shakers.  They are called 'spirit shakers' because we have witnessed that the essence of the living tree continues to live on in the wood bringing peace, joy & laughter to those who handle & experience them.

Please contact us for our pricing at:  earnestefforts@msn.com

© 1999 Earnest Efforts

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Children’s Product Certificate (CPC)
Earnest Efforts Natural Wood Teething Rattles
CPSC Small Batch Registry # 018770-122019
Item 1: Earnest Efforts natural wood teething rattles are made with Oregon woods, Crosman copper-coated steel bbs, Elmer's glue ASTM D-4236 and ACMI certified non-toxic, and Clapham's Beeswax. All materials used in Earnest Efforts rattles are exempt from testing according to the rules of the CPSIA 2011 HR 2715.

Item 2: Conforms to CPSIA Sec 101 lead, 16 CFR 1500.51 Use & Abuse, 16 CFR 1501 Small Parts, 16 CFR 1510 Rattles, ASTM F963 safety standards, 74FR 2435 materials exemption.

Item 3: Manufacturer - Earnest Efforts, Rick and Heather Hinton, PO Box 62, Tenmile, Oregon 97481. Phone: (541) 679-4331.

Item 4: Test records in support of the certification are maintained by Heather Hinton, 8460 Upper Olalla Rd., Winston, Oregon, 97496. Email: earnestefforts@msn.com. Phone: (541) 679-4331.

Item 5: Manufactured (month and year noted on rattle label) in Winston, Oregon, USA.

Item 6: Third-party laboratory testing completed March 2019 by Mutual Cornell in Providence, RI.

Item 7: Third-party laboratory testing completed by Mutual Cornell, 136 Corliss St., Providence, RI 02904, (401) 274-9998


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