A Slacker's Apology & A Music Video

Dear Friends of Earnest Efforts -

Image of a Slacker

First things first - I must apologize straight off for being such a slacker here on our blog.  Time has been spiraling away from me and I found that it has been nearly a year since I last posted.  So, my mid-year resolution is to update our blog at least once a month.  Let's start there and see if we can do better over the next 5.5 months. 

Next - have you ever wondered what our spirit shakers sound like?  We recently had a customer ask us for a preview of the sound of our spirit shakers and we thought why not create our very own music video.  Earnie has loved Goose Creek Symphony since he was a young man and turned me onto them 16 years ago when we fell in love.  When we started thinking through this project, we immediately thought of GCS.  The best part is that they have a fabulous song called WORDS OF EARNEST (I kid you not, and if you know Earnie personally, you will find this most appropriate) and they were kind enough to let us use the song for the background.  So here it is - our Earnest Efforts Spirit Shaker music video...
We hope you enjoy it and don't laugh too much.


Lastly, we recently bought a rebuilt computer.  Hurrah!  We are thrilled, but our last computer & the program we had purchased for designing our website was so old that not all of our web info transferred to our new computer.  Grrr!  Solution?  After much thought we've decided to start transferring our web data to our blog and see how the traffic flows.  We would love to hear what you think, and any suggestions are welcome.  If you would like to see what's new in our shop as we add new treasures your best bet is to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.  More soon...

Take care, be good & kind, and don't forget to laugh,
Ellie Efforts

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