Something Monumental Occurred In The Sawdust Cathedral This Week

Earnest Efforts 1953 Boice Crane Bandsaw
Dear Friends of Earnest Efforts -

This week we said so long to an old friend and welcomed a new one.  It may seem foolish to talk about a piece of equipment as a friend; anthropomorphizing an inanimate object.  However, this inanimate object, for which we have great affection, was built in 1953 from someone's sketched dreams into metal, and became an extension of Earnie; to cut his wood dreams over the last four decades.  My theory as to why our hearts felt a little heavy when the Boice Crane was unplugged and moved over for a new friend; tools are an extension of our hands and our hands are connected to our hearts, our dreams, and our creations. 

An old friend unplugged & moved
So, we said goodbye to one (no worries - the Boice Crane will remain a permanent part of our the Sawdust Cathedral) and welcomed another.

Oregon Tool is our local tool supply
Our new Shop Fox Bandsaw

No words; a smile says it all...
Old Boice Crane Upper Wheel
New Shop Fox Shiny Upper Wheel
Old blade & guide
New blade & shiny red guide 

Beautiful old directions

Fence rail with tape measure

Lower Wheel - also shiny

New 'Concepts' bulging from Earnie's brain

Someone else got a "new" bandsaw this week.  Earnie found a used Sears bandsaw for me a couple of weeks ago.  We have been waiting for a part to arrive in the post and yesterday I cut my first hair barrettes on it.  WOW!!!  It cuts like a dream.  I must say, as much as I loved the Boice Crane, I now realize it was one very scary piece of equipment - loud and jolting, lurching, jerky...  I didn't realize that cutting on a bandsaw could be a calming, meditative experience.  Ha!

Ellie & her Sears bandsaw
Small blade & guide

Myrtle says, "Don't put your head in there!" 

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