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Ellie, Myrtle Jo & Earnie Efforts
Our home on Lasting Laughter Asylum Farm is nestled in the beautiful Olalla Valley and shadowed by the Pacific Coast Range in SW Oregon.  We are a husband and wife woodworking team inspired by nature and our canine friend Myrtle Jo Efforts.

Myrtle Jo Efforts
We sell our wares at a couple of markets including Oregon's famous Eugene Saturday Market where we met and fell in love in 1998 years ago.  Together our artwork has been bringing new life to woods discarded by humans and nature since then.  The woods used in our artwork were collected from our coastal waters, beautiful streams, friends' backyards, or sustainably harvested by folks we know.  No living trees are ever cut for the intention of creating our fine boxes.  Each piece is uniquely crafted as a functional and artistic addition to any home or office.  Our boxes are crafted with the intention of maintaining the integrity of the wood's natural beauty created by Mother Nature.  They have stored such items as a proposal ring, jewelry, baby's first teeth, pocket treasures, a loved one's ashes, or even one's thoughts.  They are a wonderful gift for the nature lover in your life.

Beaver-Chewed Alder Driftwood Box
Salvaged California Redwood Box

Oregon-Myrtlewood with Tagua Nut Knob
Happy Teething

Our handcrafted teething rattles are a safe, natural alternative to plastic toys and developmentally appropriate for babies age 4 months and older. We have been sharing our rattles with babies for over twenty-five years in indie shops across the USA.

Babies and Mother Earth are our most precious gifts and that's why we use the materials we have chosen.

Meeting Federal Safety Requirements:
Conform to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) rules and third-party tested annually for safety

Handcrafted Using:

Sustainably harvested maple, cherry, madrone and myrtle woods that will NOT splinter

Copper-coated steel bbs

Certified ASTM D-4236 non-toxic wood glue

Beeswax Finish

For Little Hands
Three of Our Teething Rattles
Our spirit shakers are a palm rattle that can be used for meditation, massage, and even music.  Why do we call them spirit shakers?  We have witnessed that the essence of the living tree continues to live on in the spirit shaker bringing peace, joy & laughter to those who handle and experience them.
We have created a fun music video to allow you to get an idea of what our spirit shakers sound like. Remember, no two spirit shakers will feel or sound the same, but we will always choose the most beautiful and lovely sound. To listen to our spirit shaker music video visit

And last, but certainly not least our hair barrettes.  We developed the design together and then Earnie, my teacher and inspiration, let me run with it.  The style has changed over the years but the most important elements are still there - NO GLUE, wood screws, four French barrette clasp sizes and a lifetime guarantee.
Large Juniper Hair Barrette

Medium Hawai'ian Koa Hair Barrette
Please visit our Etsy shop often to view currently available treasures and/or "like" us on our Facebook page.  We would love for you to visit us at one of the markets listed in our Visit Us At A Market page if you are ever in our area (and if you do so, please mention that you visited us online.

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