We Get Giddy About Wood Treasures, Flowers & Hummingbirds

I just have to show off the treasures I scored from Wooly Moss Roots' booth at the Eugene Saturday Market this weekend.  I LOVE their booth and all the wood, wool and natural body care treasures they create.  But even more importantly, I feel just so happy after visiting with Taryn, Jeff and Bracken.  They are a joy to be around.  Now, I know not all of you can just pop by their booth at market, but you can visit their two fabulous shops on Etsy at Wooly Moss Roots for their buttons, woolies and natural body care or Mystic Orb for their super-fantastic wood jewelry.

Buckthorn Buttons

Variety of Wood Buttons

Sassafras Earrings
Earnie took a break from the sawdust cathedral and headed into the garden and around the house to share a little taste of summer in Olalla Valley.

and last but not least... we've been having amazing hummingbird battles over the three feeders we put up this year.  Our Nannie,

Hummingbird Earrings by Blessed Bead By Nome May

who is now 94 years old and I get to visit nearly every Friday in Eugene, has always LOVED hummingbirds.  (I gave Nannie these precious amethyst hummingbird earrings made by my dear friend Nome May of Blessed Bead - also a gorgeous booth to visit at the Eugene Saturday Market or in the cyber world on Etys at Blessed Bead by Nome May). 

When I visit Nannie I always try to bring her pics from our yard of the flowers, chickens or the hummingbirds.  We've had wonderful stories to share with her of the up to 7, yes seven, hummers battling over one feeder.  These are a few pics that we've shared with her this summer. 

Thanks so much for visiting and we wish you all a lovely ending to your summer.
With Love,
Earnie, Ellie & Myrtle Jo Efforts

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  1. Aww... thanks for sharing this. :) We're so glad you like your buttons and earrings. :)

    The pictures in your garden are beautiful. Your nannie looks lovely in her hummingbird earrings. Also, I'm amazed at your hummingbird pictures, how wonderful!