Escape From The Lakeview Vortex Into Northern Nevada

Earnie, Myrtle & Lily West of Adel, Southern Oregon

Hi Friends of Earnest Efforts - We did it...we escaped the Lakeview vortex.  We woke super early and Earnie made a deal with me that if I could get out of our hotel room in 10 minutes, he would buy us what he calls "fancy coffee".  I only had about 10 minutes left of work to do to clear out the room, which was really lucky for my coffee needs.  We had moved everything but our inventory into that dinky space.  I am such a home body that traveling for this long is simply an adventure in creative packing. 

A quick recycling update - since we were still in Oregon, there was recycling downstairs and we got to leave the packaging from what we had consumed (way more than usual) except the paper and plastic wraps that I have stashed in my packs.  Does anyone else recycle empty toilet paper rolls from public places? 

Sandhill Crane East of Adel, Southern Oregon

Back to our adventure.  We are all three big bird watchers; Myrtle has taken to chasing the circling "Oregon Eagles" aka Buzzards and barking at them.  This morning was a dream come true for me.  We saw hundreds upon hundreds of Sandhill Crane just East of Adel, Southern Oregon.  They are amazing birds that migrate from the Southwest.

Sandhill Crane
These photos aren't the best and no real scale to imagine their size, but they are considerably larger than the Canada Goose.  (Note the red around their eyes in the first photo).  While we watched they were jumping in the air about 2 feet off the ground with their wings outstretched in what I believe is a mating dance.  I really don't know much about them beyond their inspiring beauty!!!

We got back on the road (this was Hwy 140 Eastbound) and a mile or so away were a couple dozen swan floating in a seasonal lake.  A surprise to treasure. 

Swan & Canada Geese East of Adel, S. Oregon

The thing is that if we had taken the safe, reliable I-5 down to California and over, we would sped through life and never seen these amazing birds on their migratory journey.  Always take the road less traveled.  You can take your time and stop to enjoy the treasures of our mother earth! 

Myrtle Efforts with sagebrush & snow in Northern Nevada
Thank you for visiting our blog and following our adventure.  Tomorrow we will reach Death Valley where we'll be attending the Death Valley Art Festival at Furnace Creek Ranch which is happening this Saturday and Sunday, 12-13 March.  We'll post more pics and stories next week when we return to cyberworld.  Until then...

Take care, be good & kind, and don't forget to laugh,
Ellie, Earnie and Myrtle Efforts

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  1. Have a great time at the Festival, sounds like a lot of fun! My husband and I love to road trip, the back roads are always full of the best stuff :-) And yes, we recycle everything we use on the road even TP holders from hotels!