The Earnest Efforts Adventure Continues

Dear Friends - I've snuck off from the Oro Valley Arts In The Park in northern Tucson to check emails, orders and add this quick post.  We were in Death Valley a week ago Sunday and we have seen so much, met so many people and sold so many boxes and rattles that it's hard to know where to start and I have just minutes to do it in.  Hopefully next week when we arrive in Las Cruces, New Mexico I will be able to hit a library and play catch up.  Until then, here is a very tiny collection of photos from our trip.  The last two are my favorites!  Hope you enjoy and remember to
Take care, be good & kind, and don't forget to laugh!!!
Ellie Efforts

Earnie & Ellie at the Death Valley Art Show

Myrtle & Ellie hiking in Death Valley. 
Myrtle burned her pads really bad
even thought it was early morning.  She says she prefers
Oregon hikes!!!

Our new friends the Mantini Family
we met at Catalina State Park
in Northern Tucson, Arizona

The Youngest Mantini girl has a great suggestion
for using an Earnest Efforts box. 
Why not fill it with Arizona dirt!!!

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