We're Now Grandparents!!!

Beautiful Violet Audrey
Dear Friends of Earnest Efforts -

Now I get it.  We don't lose our memories because we age, we lose our memories and become forgetful because there's no room left for anything but this new life who has graced us with her presence. 

Violet & her Papa Justin

Violet's first pic

Violet and her tongue

Violet & her Papa nap

Violet is LOVED

She is all we can think about.  She is our first thought when we wake and our last before we sleep.  I didn't  chose to have children, so I didn't know that this is what happens to your brain and heart with babies.  I just discovered this when I became a grandparent this week.  And the funny thing...we haven't even smelled her or held her yet.  She lives far, far away, across a Big Pond in a place called England.  But when her Mommy & Daddy bring her to us in June you can be sure there will be a long line of her people waiting their turn to love on her.  We're already plotting how to we'll buy a pony and bribe her into coming to live with us one day...

Welcome to your family Precious Violet.  We are honored beyond words that you chose us.

With Love,
Grandpa Earnie & Grandma Ellie & Auntie Myrtle

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