Flat Stanley Visits Earnie, Ellie & Myrtle Efforts

Dear Friends of Earnest Efforts-

Earnie's daughter, Hickory, is a preschool teacher in Eugene, Oregon.  She had a kiddo in her class who needed someone to take her Flat Stanley on a little trip, so we volunteered to have him come out to Olalla for a weekend.  Here's what Flat Stanley saw...

In front of the Sawdust Cathedral

Helping Earnie cut boxes on the bandsaw

Helping Earnie sand boxes
This is Agnes, she hatches all the baby chicks
Agnes lives inside

My new friend Buddha

Earnie built this greenhouse with recycled materials
I LOVE garlic

Olalla Creek is blurry
Myrtle and I played ball
Riding on Mustang Sally

This is Teeter of the Teeter & Totter Show

Totter plays a little rough for me

Walking a log across Byron Creek

I'm A Tree Hugger!!!

A dandelion seed head

Making a wish for my preschool friend
Moss is the perfect place for a nap

Hiking trail

Native trillium along the hike

Bleeding hearts in the woods
Earnie, Ellie & Me!

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