Lakeview, Oregon - A Nice Place To Get Snowed In Or Vortex?

Lily The Great Gray Whale in Lakeview, Oregon

Hi Friends of Earnest Efforts - Lakeview is a nice place to break down, but now we're beginning to wonder if it's also a vortex.  The nice people at the garage got the van running nicely and we were all ready to go.  This morning we woke to snow blowing in sideways. Now it may not look like much, but when you're going over these passes out here and there is nothing for 100 miles, it just might be best to stay put.  There is a great little used bookstore downtown across the street from the post office.  We have an Etsy order going to Singapore today - the Pacific Yew Box & Spirit Shaker Set and the Burned Madrone Burl Box. 

Myrtle Efforts "The Wonder Dog"

The one who is really ticked off though is Myrtle, the wonder dog!!!  Although she got to go on lots of great walks yesterday, she's used to just running free all day.  Being a town/hotel dog stinks.  Actually, the amazing thing about Myrtle is that she is really good at just hanging out and sleeping.  When we found her at the animal shelter she was only 3 months old and she just sat at the front of her kennel and watched the humans come and go.  She didn't bark or jump up or do any of the typical puppy moves.  We knew right away that she was the one.  They wouldn't let us take her home until she was fixed, so I drove the 35 miles one way to the animal shelter for two more days to hang out with her until we could bring her home.  We would play for a while and then she would curl up in my lap and take a nap.  And that is how life is with Myrtle.  We go out for a hike every morning, then she's ready to come in for a nap.  Play soccer with her, then she comes in for a nap.  Life is good!

Thanks for visiting our blog and please check back in for the continuing adventures of Earnest Efforts in the Lakeview vortex.  We'll keep reminding ourselves that this is happening for a reason and you remember to...

Take care, be good & kind, and don't forget to laugh,
Ellie Efforts with inspiration by Myrtle Efforts

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