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Our Booth #150 at Saturday Market
Normally we can be found out in the world nine months out of the year.  However & sadly, due to the Corvid-19 Pandemic, our beloved Eugene Saturday Market has still been unable to open in our location on the Park Blocks in Downtown Eugene.  In the meantime, the incredible staff of the Market have set up an Online Marketplace on Facebook where you can shop with Members who post their handcrafted wares on the site.  Every day there is something new & amazing being created & posted on this site - the Eugene Saturday Market's Online Marketplace at: 

We would love to meet you at the following markets:

Booth #150 on the West Park Block (fountain side)
     Downtown Eugene, Oregon
     Every Saturday, April - Mid-Nov 
 Due to the Pandemic the opening day for Market has been postponed, but you can visit our 50th Anniversary Flipbook by clicking on the pic below.  There's a surprise pic of Earnie from the mid-80's on the inside cover (top, middle):  


Our booth at Holiday Market

Saturday Market's Holiday Market
Booth #14 (along north wall)
     Lane County Fairgrounds, Eugene, Oregon
     3rd weekend of November through 24 December

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