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Our Booth #150 at the Eugene Saturday Market 
We are excited to announce that we plan to return to our booth space, fully vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine, once a month for the 2021 season.  Market is limited to half the normal amount of booth spaces every weekend this season, for social distancing purposes, and masks are required.  Plan on seeing us there on the following dates:

Earnest Efforts

Eugene Saturday Market

Booth #150 (West Park Block)

2021 Season

12 June
10 July
7 August
18 September
16 October

The incredible staff of the Market have set up an Online Marketplace on Facebook where you can shop with Members who post their handcrafted wares on the site.  Every day there is something new & amazing being created & posted on Facebook at:

Our booth at Holiday Market

Saturday Market's Holiday Market
Booth #14 (along north wall)
(due to the Covid-19 Pandemic)

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