Wholesale Inquiries

Natural Wood Baby Rattles

Made for small hands

and Happy Teething

Meeting Federal Safety Requirements:

Conform to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) rules and are third-party laboratory tested annually.
Children’s Product Certificate (CPC)(below).
Handcrafted Using:

-Sustainably harvested Maple, Cherry, Myrtle & Walnut (woods that will NOT splinter)
-Copper BBs
-ASTM Certified
 Non-Toxic Glue
-Beeswax Finish
-Label with our name & wood variety on the front, date made on the back, and materials used on the inside.  Every rattle must be sold with the name Earnest Efforts and our label intact.

Rattles come with labels & a small sign

From Left:  Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Myrtle

Our Wholesale Price:

Wholesale: $8.50 each 
$17.00 each
Minimum order: 1 batch of 15 rattles.

Spirit Shakers:
Spirit Shaker

All the information is the 
same for the Spirit Shakers except the shape.  There are also two more woods available in the Spirit Shakers - Black Walnut & Red Cedar.  These are not marketed for babies.

Ordering & Payment:

Contact us via email at earnestefforts@msn.com to place your order.  Tell us how many of each wood you would like for each batch (feel free to mix it up) and how you would like to pay.  We will reply to your order with a projected shipping date, total with shipping, and confirm your payment method. We accept credit cards and Paypal.  Payment is due before we ship orders.

Our rattles are not available for resale in Etsy shops or any other Ecommerce platforms outside of your own business website.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to place an order.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Email:  earnestefforts@msn.com

Take care, be good & kind, and do your darnedest to Laugh!

Heather & Rick Hinton (aka Ellie & Earnie Efforts)
Owners/Artists of Earnest Efforts natural woodworking

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Children’s Product Certificate (CPC)
Earnest Efforts Natural Wood Teething Rattles
CPSC Small Batch Registry # 018770-0120224

Item 1: Earnest Efforts natural wood teething rattles are made with Oregon woods, Crosman copper coated steel bbs, Elmer's glue ASTM D-4236 and ACMI certified non-toxic, and Clapham's Beeswax. All materials used in Earnest Efforts rattles are exempt from testing according to the rules of the CPSIA 2011 HR 2715.

Item 2: Conforms to CPSIA Sec 101 lead, 16 CFR 1500.51 Use & Abuse, 16 CFR 1501 Small Parts, 16 CFR 1510 Rattles, ASTM F963 safety standards, 74FR 2435 materials exemption.

Item 3: Manufacturer - Earnest Efforts, Rick & Heather Hinton, PO Box 62, Tenmile, Oregon 97481.

Item 4: Test records in support of the certification are maintained by Heather Hinton, 8460 Upper Olalla Rd., Winston, Oregon, 97496.
Email: earnestefforts@msn.com

Item 5: Manufactured (month & year noted on rattle label) in Winston, Oregon, USA.

Item 6: Third-party laboratory testing completed every March by Mutual Cornell in Providence, RI.

Item 7: Third-party laboratory testing completed by Mutual Cornell, 136 Corliss St., Providence, RI 02904, (401) 274-9998

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