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(We) go among trees & sit still...

All my stirring becomes quiet
around me like circles on water.
My tasks lie in their places
where I left them, asleep like cattle.
-Wendell Berry

I can't think of a more poignant expression of our lives as woodworkers living in this moment. When we wake in the morning and look out the window at the trees that are our life, our breath, our work, we know we are in our place.

(Earnie) Ricky Hinton and I, (Ellie) Heather Robbins-Hinton, met in 1998 at the Eugene Saturday Market, the longest running outdoor market in the US, where we each had a booth selling our wares. Our love was dubbed "a true market romance' by our dear Market friend and fiber artist, Karen Buxton, who has since left this life.

We married a year later in September of 1999 and have a wonderful life together nestled in the woods of our 20 acres with the memory of our wonder dog, Myrtle Jo, our hound dog, Pete, three good hunting cats, and the beaver, deer, raccoon and skunks and turkey that share our land.

Earnie has been a woodworker his entire life and a Saturday Market member for over 35 years. I have played with fibers all my life, and now design & sew for my other company co-owned with my mom, Two Bossy Britches, in addition to my full-time work with wood.  I have been an active Market member for over 25 years. 

Together our treasures have been bringing new life to woods discarded by humans and nature. The woods used in our artwork were collected from our coastal waters, streams, backyards, or sustainably harvested by folks we know. No living trees are ever cut for our artwork & our intention is to maintain the integrity of the wood's natural beauty created by Mother Nature. We have been selling our wares on Etsy since 2008.

We were born artists and children of Mother Earth and we honor and praise her in our mission to create the treasures that we share with you.

Take care, be good & kind, and do your darnedest to laugh,
Heather Robbins-Hinton (Ellie) & Ricky Hinton (Earnie) and Pete The Hound Dog!

Pete with a Beaver Chewed Oak Tree on our creek in SW Oregon

Myrtle Jo & Her Bestie, Teeter, in the Sawdust Cathedral

Ellie sanding barrettes in the Sawdust Cathedral
Our House
Earnie's hands cutting out a drawer

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