Heartfelt LLC in Minneapolis, MN

Dear Friends of Earnest Efforts -

We are very excited to share that we have a new indie shop in Minneapolis that will be carrying our natural wood teething rattles & a few spirit shakers.  The concept behind Heartfelt is wonderful. 


"Heartfelt is a cozy one-of-a-kind shop nestled in the Linden Hills neighborhood near Lake Harriet in Southwest Minneapolis. Heartfelt stocks a unique selection of natural gifts, toys and crafts, as well as offering inspiring and unusual craft classes. Vibrant colors, interesting products, comfy chairs and a large table for craft classes make the shop intriguing for adults and children alike."  It sounds like an amazing place and one that every community should be so lucky to have.  If you live in the area, please stop in for a visit and next week you can start shaking our teethers/spirits!

Treehouse for child play & large crafting table

Thank you for visiting and Happy Spring to you & yours,
Ellie Efforts

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