Tidee Didee & Hunting Pacific Yew Trees

Good Morning Friends of Earnest Efforts -

Before we share beautiful photos from our day fishing/hiking trip up the North Umpqua River we want to welcome Tidee Didee Diaper Service & Natural Baby Boutique to the growing circle of retail stores that carry our wood baby rattles.  Cindy Martin is the owner of this service & boutique based in Portland, Oregon which was started by her grandparents in 1954.  Can you believe that?  The year after Earnie was born :-)   If you live in the Portland area, please visit her boutique, welcome her and shake a rattle for us or visit her shop online at http://www.tideedidee.com/.

Susan Creek Falls

Last Sunday we spent the most glorious day along the North Umpqua River fishing and hiking.  My idea of a perfect day.  The kind of day that makes my chest feel like it's going to burst with happiness.  Damp moss, dripping trees, the smell of fungi in all of it's amazing forms. 

Pleurocybella porrigens (aka Angel Wings)
By the way, Earnie didn't tell me that he found these delicious morsels.  He showed me the pic while we were eating breakfast many miles away.  Really...I kid you not...:-(

Earnie hiding his mushroom secret
One of the many best parts of our adventure was finding the Pacific Yew tree to photograph for our Etsy shop - I know that sounds really geeky, but what can I say.  If you have visited our shop you will know, without a doubt, that the Pacific Yew is my very favorite wood and I love to post new Pacific Yew boxes as soon as they are finished.  The following photos are a couple of the new pics we've added to our collection.

Pacific Yew Needles

Small Pacific Yew Tree
And Myrtle wants you all to know that she LOVED her day in the North Umpqua Watershed as much as Pappa Earnie & Big Mamma Ellie. 

I sometimes wonder if she know how amazing her life is.  Sometimes I have to mentally pinch myself to see if this life is real.

Psychedelic Madrone tree bark
Take care, be good & kind, and don't forget to laugh,
Ellie Efforts (aka Heth)


  1. Looks and sounds like you had the most perfect day!

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