Chokecherry Driftwood Debute

Dear Friends of Earnest Efforts -
Chokecherry Driftwood Box

Ever since Earnie & I took our first trip to the Oregon Coast together and he taught me about the wonderful world of driftwood, I have been dragging home one particular driftwood that has always caught my eye.  The color and pattern in the wood always seemed so unusual and beautiful and I loved the contrast of smooth & rough slit-like texture of this wood.  However, they were usually too small in diameter for a box and became either a walking stick or a decoration for the house or yard.  Not this time.  Earnie cut up a piece we found on our last trip and it is to the coast & determined that it is Chokecherry (or Wild Black Cherry) and amazing!!! 

Black knot - natural color/texture without fire

According to Oregon State University (OSU) the Chokecherry is one of the most widely distributed trees in North America.  The Native Americans ate the fruit fresh and dried them when they were plentiful.  The fruit is now often used in making jam.  The wood also has a very strong, rich smell that I just can't seem to place.  A wonderful bonus with wood.  We've posted the first Chokecherry Driftwood Box on Etsy and there is one in our booth at the Eugene Saturday Market today, where it is a rainy and damp day.  This driftwood came off the Coquille River near Bandon, Oregon on the coast, where we collect approximately a quarter of our wood. 

Driftwood on the Coquille River, Oregon
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