Some See Driftwood; We See Boxes

Yesterday was one of the days between our birthdays - Earnie's was last Saturday and mine is today, so we went to the Oregon Coast to eat yummy seafood, rummage through the bookstores and collect driftwood at our favorite spot on the Coquille River. Myrtle can smell the coast the second we hit the flooded riparian zone of the Coquille River drainage system.  This is beautiful land - green like Ireland, the green of Oregon in winter and flooded fields; nature's way of giving the land a break from the grazing cattle (or range maggots). 
South Bank of the Mouth of the Coquille River near Bandon, Oregon

The South Bank of the Coquille River is our favorite driftwood collection spot because there aren't any other people there and it is an endless treasure trove of driftwood for our boxes.
Notice the beaver chewed log top left and the worm burrows in the log Earnie is cutting

Earnie wishing he could cut up the big log
 We took a lot of photos of the logs we did collect and are planning to add these to the Etsy photos when we finish the boxes and post them for sale.  What fun to be able to see the wood in its natural state when found and before it was transformed into an Earnest Efforts box.

Myrtle looking over the driftwood booty
We didn't chose the warmest, most desirable day to be at the coast, but we had a blast and left full of seafood from the seafood shack we love called Port O'Call (albacore tuna melts with real greens and perfect clam chowder), too much chocolate from Cranberry Sweets (where you can sneak a lot of delicious samples), and a few books from the two book stores we enjoy (forgot their names).  We even got to give away a few spirit shakers to store owners and employees who were a joy to share with. 

Earnie, Myrtle and Ellie with the driftwood
Hope you enjoy the photos and story.  Thanks for visiting our blog and have a joyful day.
Take care, be good & kind, and don't forget to laugh,
Ellie Efforts (aka Heather)

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