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Dear Friends of Earnest Efforts - First of all can I exclaim - I'm writing this from home using dial-up!!!  This is a first... normally I have to bring the netbook into Winston and use the wifi at the library, which is a beautiful new library and I like going there, but it sure is nice to write from home.

Now onto the big and fun news.  We are the featured member of our Team EcoEtsy blogspot at http://blog.ecoetsy.com/2011/01/featured-member-earnest-efforts.html.  Now, I'll admit that I wrote the article myself, but it's still exciting to be on the front page anywhere; even if it is cyberspace.

Speaking of the front page in cyberspace, we are also featured this month in a review of our baby rattles by The Tree Huggin' Momma, who's name I adore and with whom we have so much in common.  Check out her blog to see if you can figure out what we have in common.  http://thetreehugginmomma.blogspot.com/2011/01/earnest-efforts-review-giveaway.html

Earnest Efforts New Rattle Poster Boy
We also have a new "poster baby" for our website and Etsy shop.  Our baby rattle promotions are now graced with the picture of our new little friend.  He is the Grandson of our dear friends Penny & Dave Peek of Cool Shoes.  Penny gave us a disc full of pics of him, but when we saw this photo we knew it was the one.  The way he is gnawing on his rattle with such an intense expression just cracked us up.  We were sad to see our friend Marco go, but I know he's all grown up now and it's time to let him be a big boy.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and share in our excitement.  We wish you all the most joyful and inspired year ever.  May you be healthy and filled with peace and compassion. 

Ellie Efforts (aka Heather)

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