North Country Fair, Arcata, California

Good morning Friends of Earnest Efforts.  We're writing to you from beautiful (even when it's raining) Arcata, Calif., where Earnie is setting up our booth while I post this message to you wonderful readers. 

If you've ever thought that artists have the easy life, take note.  My favorite camping/hiking spot in California is Patrick's Point, just North of Arcata by about 20 miles.  The last three years we've stopped there to see if we could camp and it was always FULL.  The state has closed more than half of the park every Fall and we always show up too late in the evening to get a space.  So, where did we stay last night?  In a very lovely rest area about 14 miles North of Arcata.  Honestly, it is quite lovely as far as rest areas go, with a little path that leads to picnic tables and an even smaller path to walk Myrtle on.  Thank you Arnold, for not closing this stop.  We did sleep well, but it was still a rest area.  These are some of the fun aspects of being a traveling artist on the circuit of art shows.  I'm sure there will be more to come.

Back to the North Country Fair.  If you live in the area and are planning to come down and enjoy the wonderful art booths, the delicious food and drinks and the amazing parades of dancers and kinetic sculptures, please stop by booth #128, where Earnest Efforts is set up.  We would love to have a follower come by to say howdy and if you do you will be gifted with a big smile and a free spirit shaker of your choosing.  How does that sound? 

One more thing.  This weekend is also Earth Dance, just south of Arcata in Laytonwille.  I wanted to share with those of you who might be interested that there will be a Global Prayer for Peace happening at 4pm today at Earth Dance and around the globe.  Visit the Earth Dance website to read the prayer for peace at and share the moment of prayer with people around the globe. 

Thanks for reading again, and we'll bring you back pictures from the Fair when we get home, so please check back in with us in a few days.  Have a beautiful day.
Take care, be good & kind, and don't forget to laugh,
Ellie Efforts

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