First Post

Did you know that you can roll nearly 150 yards of yarn into a ball in the time it takes to open this page to compose your first post when you're still on dial-up. 

And here we are, blogging, to we don't know who, but we hope that you find us. 

It is a beautiful clear day in Olalla, where we live, and I'm planning to take my knitting outside in the sun to make hats.  We are headed to Arcata, Calif. this week for the North Country Fair, where we have been selling for the past 12 years.  We returned home from the King's Mountain Art Fair on Wed., was home a day and then headed back to Eugene for the Saturday Market. 

Saturday Market was a perfect day...everyone was in joyful moods and eager to purchase boxes, rattles, and hats. 

Back to King's Mountain Art Fair.  It is an annual fundraiser for the local fire department and school.  If you've never been and live anywhere in the Bay Area, or Santa Cruz Co., actually anywhere within a days drive of Woodside, California, San Mateo Co., you've got to go visit this art fair.  It is set in the Redwoods on the top of a ridge overlooking the valley to the east and the Pacific to the west.

The show was amazing for us this year and last (our first).  As an artist you couldn't ask for a more beautiful setting.  The volunteers who work so hard to make this happen are friendly and inviting, and the customers are most appreciative and kind.

In the future, our plan is to keep you up-to-date on the adventures of Earnest Efforts.  We'll write to you of our travels to art festivals, to gather wood, and our latest wood working creations.  We would love to hear from you...contructive criticisms and howdys.  Make it a joyful day and remember...
Take care, be good & kind, and don't forget to LAUGH.

Ellie (aka Heather)

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